Bon voyage!

An empty bedroom called for my first sequence for you all, we fly in just a couple of days and yoga seems to be the only way to keep me calm! I assure you the back grounds will get better as our journey of goes on.

Sun salutations are a brilliant way to introduce you to yoga. Take your time and repeat as many times as you like. It’s a great way to concentrate on your breathe and gently open up your body and mind. Using the repetition of the sequence brings a calming feeling to your practice, as without realising, your just focusing on what’s coming next.

Grace x

New year, fresh start!

Classes re start tommorow at pure gym Leeds north at 8pm. Getting my final few classes in before the travelling begins.

The classes will be aimed at rejuvenating the body and mind by using fast flowing sequences from one asana to the next, breathing deeply from the belly as well as keeping a calm mind.

In the meantime here’s a short video of parsva bakasana or side crow. Try getting the hips as high on the inside leg as possible. Spread the finger tips and have the hands directly under the shoulders. Take an inhale and as you exhale bring the weight over your palms. At first see if the underneath leg can float up then gradually both legs will. Keep the gaze low to the ground this saves any stress on the neck. If it’s your first time trying this posture a cushion underneath your head may give you that extra confidence to give it a go. Good luck yogis!


Started 2015 off with a bang now let’s do with same with 2016.

Countdown is on for the mega trip, video sequences, advice and beautiful back drops coming very soon on

4 weeks!