Mysore Style at Om is where the heart is in Slaithwaite

The name Mysore is actually a location in India where Ashtanga Yoga was founded.

Mysore style differs from most other Yoga classes due to it not being led. Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace – usually following the Ashtanga sequence.

Students can arrive from 08:30am and aim to be finished, including rest, by 11am.

Grace will have the time when teaching Mysore style to personalise your practice, adding postures when needed, or maybe modifying poses you need to skip in a led class. 

Initially practicing without a teacher at the front of the class can feel a little daunting so, large prints of the sequence will be handed out before hand if needed.

Mysore style isn’t only for “experienced” Ashtanga students, in fact it’s the perfect environment to be taught the sequence in a simplistic way without the speed of a led class.

Dates for Mysore at Om is where the heart is for 2023 are as follows. Book via Glofox app