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Detox workshop – Sunday the 21st of January at Om is where the heart is in Slaithwaite Huddersfield. Book through the Mind Body app. 

It’s that time of year again! We have all over indulged at Christmas and it’s time to give our bodies a break to detox and recharge..Come join us to bring back some balance to your lives and kick off this brand spanking New Year in a healthy fashion.

Our latest workshop brings you another collaboration between Grace from GEM Yoga and Tracy from Points Acupuncture.

The session will include yoga to support the natural detoxification process by using twisting poses which can increase circulation by stimulating the internal organs and building heat to make the body eliminate toxins. The twists can also enhance digestion and boost the flushing effects of the liver and kidneys. Acupuncture can aid detoxification and decreases its side effects, such as headaches, as it can also help move toxins out of the liver and the body, and help you maintain a natural balance.

Great for those wanting to try acupuncture, whilst also enjoying the benefits of a yoga session.