Upside down in Trivandrum

Supported headstand or sirsasana. Any inversion is wonderful for releasing stress and worries from the body. By gravity releasing the blood from your legs it reduces the stress on your heart. You don’t need to be in an amazing jaw dropping inversion to reap the benefits. Basically any asana (posture) that allows the blood to flow to the head is all you need.

For a supported head stand start knelt  down at the bottom of your mat. Grab each bicep and place the elbows and forearms down. Pivot forearms out on the elbows, interlocking the fingers, keeping thumbs in the air. Place the top of your head (draw a line up from the top of your ears) securely into the little cup you have created with your hands, thumbs supporting the back of your head. By now your sitting bones should be nicely pointing up to the sky. Come up onto the balls of your feet. This is dolphin pose, a great inversion if you’re just starting out. To take things further, start to walk your feet towards your body. Use your core to hold the body still – squeeze! Push your elbows down into the ground and when you can’t walk your feet anymore, pull one knee into your chest. Alternate this, until you eventually feel both knees can float up to your chest. NEVER KICK! Not only is it dangerous for your spine but it’s allowing your body to be out of control. Slowly start to straighten the legs up to the sky. Hold for as long as you feel comfortable. Your breath should be flowing steadily and easily. If you ever feel light headed, gently come out of the posture. All ways finish a head stand, whichever variation, in child’s pose for at least ten breaths. Video to follow once WiFi improves. Let me know how you all get on. Namaste. Grace x