Loose legs and lavish lakes

Grace Elizabeth


So we’re still in Burma, a little further east in Inle Lake to be more precise, one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. Not only does the lake provide homes for thousands of Burmese residents in the form of delicately crafted bamboo huts on stilts, it also supplies the means to grow food on these spectacular things called floating gardens. Then what I found the most fascinating, fishermen who row with their legs! Only found in this region of Inle lake the local fishermen balance on one leg at the edge of their small boats, twisting the oar around the other leg, this way having both hands free to cast out and draw in the nets. Watching the graceful movements, which must require so much strength, balance and flexibility, inspired me that eveing to focus my practice around my legs!

“Splits” or hanumanasana requires a significant amount of…

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