Climbing fishes


We’re in Thailand and its incredible, obviously. We walked straight across the bridge from Burma to the bright lights, fresh tasting food, even hotter weather and the (forever attempting to learn) tuneful Thai language. This is all very very good for the body and mind, things feel that little easier here. More westerners of course, but there’s a reason why we are all here, it’s incredible!

After a long motorbike ride through Chiang Mai in the heat, we found an incredibly refreshing, and much needed waterfall. The rock was so grippy we actually climbed up it! Before that though, I decided fish pose or matsyasana was an appropriate posture to share with you.

This posture feels so good on the shoulders and back ( enjoy climbers ). Lay down on your back, feet together. Bring both palms underneath your sitting bones, so you’re basically sat on your hands. As you take an inhale, start to role your shoulderblades together, pressing your palms down into the ground. Your chest will begin to rise as well as your lower back losing contact with the floor. Try to keep rolling your shoulderblades together until only your elbows, forearms and palms remain in contact with the ground underneath your body.

Allow your head to drop back, however, and make sure the crown of your head is still in contact with the floor. Matsyasana is not an inversion. Pull your toes back as much as you can, until your heels come up if you like.

Enjoy this pose for as long as you like, come down gently by opening your shoulders back to the floor and releasing your hands. The idea of fish pose is to mimic the image of a fish. Your ribs protruding are the scales of a fish, down to your feet which resemble the tail. Go free fishes.
Gem yoga x

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