Beneficial bunnies

The guest house we are staying in, in Hoi An, is superb. Modern rooms, incredibly helpful owner and rabbits as pets! Even though I find yoga very calming and peaceful, there’s something about animals that can do the same – sometimes even a better job. Maybe it’s the fact that they can’t communicate verbally that gives them a vulnerability. For me it’s the way they look at you; sure it could be the lettuce you’re holding, or the treats, but I like to think its more than that. I’ve found it difficult in Vietnam as a lot of the animals are treated very poorly. Chickens and ducks stuffed into bags, alive! We even saw a woman beating her chickens the other day. I understand the cultural differences but still find it painful to see. Even chickens have feelings. Anyway, I’ll save my animal rights preach for another day.

Rabbits pose or sasangasasana.


Great for a counter pose to any back opening asanas. Rabbits pose acts as a little inversion too as you should eventually come onto the crown of your head. Start from child’s pose and take hold of your heels, as you inhale round your back. On your exhale come onto the crown of your head, pulling the forehead as close to the knees as possible. Unless you have rabbits on your back and don’t want them to slide off!

As well as teaching yoga full time on my return to the UK, I’m thinking of doing a little dog walking too. It’s a dream for me combing these two together. So if you’ve had a long hard day at work, you can come along to a gemyoga class to sort you out mentally and physically, then go home and eat something delicious while I walk your dog! Hop on board the gemyoga animal loving hippie train! Xxx

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