Back waters of Kerala 

We are currently exploring the back waters of Kerala on our own private house boat. Which is pretty cool. Yoga was challenging as the boat was slightly rocky, however it made me focus much harder on my practice. 

This is trikonasna or triangle pose, a good all rounder to open your legs, hips, waist, spine and shoulders. 

Come to the front of your mat, hands at heart centre. Step the right leg back to a distance that feels comfortable for you, usually around ten of your own feet. Have a glance and make sure both heels are inline with one and other. The back foot should face the side of your mat, front foot forwards. As you inhale bring yours hands up to your sides, palms parallel to the floor, exhale and turn to look across your left arm. Inhale through the belly then as you exhale imagine someone is pulling your left arm. Try to keep the lower part of the body still, isolating the ribs as you move. Once you’ve leaned as far as feels comfortable, drop your left hand dow, resting it anywhere except the knee joint. If this feels too strong through the back of the leg gently bend the knee. If you can keep the leg straight, start by resting your palm on the shin, then ankle, then floor until eventually hooking your two first fingers around the big toe. Very important in triangle pose is to keep the sitting bones underneath your body, try not to stick them out. Finally draw the right hand straight up to the sky, spreading the finger tips. Peel the right shoulder away from the ear then turn the head to gaze straight up to the right hand. If this is too strong on the neck, take gaze down to the left foot. To come out of the posture lean forward with the left hand, the same way you came down. Allways repeat on the other leg. Take it gently and listen your body, it knows you very well. Grace X