Jungle warrior 


After a little over a week travelling, James unfortunately contracted salmonella poisoning from bad chicken. He was bound to our little tree house in Thekkady for a few days. Thankfully I felt fine, veggie you see! In my practise I needed to feel strong to keep James’s mood up. Warrior 2 pose does just this. 

Come to the front of your mat, stepping the right leg back and turning the foot out. Keep the left foot facing forward. Check both heels are in line with one and other, the space between your feet should be around ten of your own feet. As you inhale bring the hands up to the side, palms parallel with the floor. On your exhale, bend the left knee to a ninety degree angle. Any less and you won’t benefit from the posture, any more and you may damage your shin. Try not to allow the left knee to collapse in, keep pushing it out. If you look down you should just be able to see your big toe and maybe one more. Keep the upper body central, lengthening through the spine. Stay in warrior for as long as you need to, the gaze should be straight across the left arm. Relax the shoulders and be a warrior. Triangle pose is a great posture to follow from warrior 2.  Namaste. Grace X