Dancing in Bombay


Our last stop for India for the moment was Bombay or Mumbai, I found the locals still refer to their home as Bombay. So I chose to dance in Bombay not Mumbai.

We actually spent the majority of the day in one of Bombay’s biggest working slums. Surreal experience feeling yourself getting increasingly upset over the conditions in which these beautiful people are living. Yet at the same time smiling all the way through, because they are. They’re happy with so little and seem so much more fulfilled than westerners do (myself I included). No offence!

Feeling a mixture of emotions we decided to make our way to the highest point in Bombay and do yoga of course. Dancer pose or Natarajasana is a balance posture, try to see it more as a way to balance your mind and body rather than increase flexibility. Don’t concentrate too much on how high your back leg is going, this will come over time.

Stand on one leg at the front of your mat. Take for example your right leg, (allways remember to repeat the opposite side after) with your right hand and pull the heel close to your sitting bones. Try to keep your pelvis tucked under, left hand can come on to your waist. Find a point a meter in front of you to focus on, keeping your breath calm and steady.

To take yourself further in this asana, start to plunge your chest slightly forward, still keeping it nice and open. At the same time push the right foot into the right hand, and pull your foot with your hand. Slowly bringing the right leg higher, the left hand can eventually start to point straight forward, bringing your gaze across this arm. The higher you start to bring the back leg up, try to ensure you keep the chest as open as you can. With the left leg that’s rooted into your mat, keep the knee locked back if it feels comfortable, if not a little bend should do it.  Happy dancing my little yogis. Grace x