I like lizards


Sunset at the top of Mandalay Hill in Burma I decided to do some hip opening practice. Personally I don’t think you can beat lizards pose or Utthan Pristhasana. Perfect if your job means sitting or driving a lot, or like me at the moment, travelling on trains, buses and aeroplanes. All of which give you very tight hips, amongst other areas that will need working on, but the hips are a good place to start.

Come onto all fours on your mat, hands underneath shoulders and knees under hips. Bring your left foot to the outside of your left hand and allow the hips to relax, becoming heavy. Depending on how you feel, you can start to bring the left foot further forward, keeping both hands to the right hand side of it. Keep the hips relaxed, sinking down. If the knee on the floor is uncomfortable try a cushion or blanket underneath. If you feel you can take the posture further, change from your palms being on the floor to your forearms. Keep the left knee tucked in tight to the body, gaze looking down avoiding any tension in the neck. Keeping the chest nice and open and the spine lengthened, feel the chest drawing down to the ground rather than your head. Hold for at least five breaths then change legs. It is worth noting that one leg is often tighter than the other. My right leg feels like it’s from a different person sometimes! Hold the leg that feels tighter for a couple more breaths.

Always here for any advice or questions yogis. Grace x