Painful postures


It’s James’ birthday and I found an excellent climbing wall in Bangkok to take him to. We climbed until our skin fell off, then unlike me I needed a stretch.

Upavistha Konasana or wide angle seated forward fold. I also, personally, call this posture painful!

Attending yoga classes or teaching one, this posture for me is extremely tricky and requires a very deep breath with a calm mind. For some yogis however, this posture comes with ease. I’ve had first time yogis very simply laying their chest flat on the floor with no worries, glancing about wondering if they’re doing something wrong.

If you find this posture difficult and painful like me, see if this helps at all.

To start with, if sitting with your legs apart is not working at all and you feel like your spine is arching and falling back, roll your matt behind you and place your sitting bones on it. This will tilt your pelvis and should feel a little easier. Next, just sit and maybe move your body around a little. Sway from side to side then begin to walk your fingers forward. Lower the chest to the ground instead of the head with a nice lengthened spine.

Once you’re feeling comfortable, which took me a while(!), try to take hold of your feet, and with every exhale gently bring your chest closer to the ground.

Something else I tried for this posture which also helped: Whenever I was reading or writing, sat watching a movie or just chilling out, I would try and sit in this posture even if just for a few minutes at a time. Be careful not to expect too much from your hamstrings too soon. Grace x

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