Floating in Angkor Wat

I keep seeing the camouflaged faces, tree roots the size of houses and beautiful carvings every time I close my eyes. Angkor Wat gave me that feeling, much like when a peacock opens it feathers, almost hypnotic. I could have quite happily just stayed in one area, staring at the immaculately carved stories on the walls. Truly a fascinating place.

Ta Phrom however, in my opinion, was like seeing 100 peacocks doing a dance in sequence – spectacular. Nature finding its way through nearly 1000 year old temples sculpted by man. It was a thing of beauty and will stay with me for ever.

It seemed only right, therefore, to share with you some guidance on peacock  pose or Mayurasana.


It’s one of the annoying postures that all of a sudden just “clicks”. Usually wrist flexibility gets in the way of this posture, so really warm them up before attempting. Coming onto all fours, turn your palms backwards, fingers facing behind you. Stay here for a few breaths if you’re new to this pose, just to get the feel of really opening your forearms. As you inhale bring your body into a plank posture, on the balls of your feet and pushing the heels away from you. Rest your elbows on the outer edge of your stomach (obliques).

On your exhale, start to walk your toes forward, bringing the weight over your wrists. Really squeeze the tummy muscles as well as engaging your shoulders and forearms. Keep looking forward as you point the toes and bring them up off the ground. Eventually aim to float your legs up higher whilst keeping your balance and face off the floor!

For months I always tried to achieve this posture by kicking up into it. Needless to say it never worked and felt awkward. For me this posture “clicked” once I trusted my body more. Really bringing the weight over the wrists is key. Get strutting my little peacocks. Grace x

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