Mum, mummy, mother, mama moomin. 

I’ve decided to write this blog because I admire my mum, and want to tell you about her, and why mums are incredible creatures. 

I’ve had a very privileged and educated life, and a lot of credit goes to my mum for that. Not in the sense that she ever sat down with me, and did algebra or spelling tests. It was more telling me places she’s visisted in the world, and the history of that place. Always having fresh and healthy food in the house (much to my disgust as the teenage years came in). I never had any pressure to be an “academic”, it was always about my brothers and I just being happy. She still says to me now “you went to the university of life darling”. We were lucky enough to have our own fruit and veg growing in the garden. Religion was never forced upon us, even though mum does have a Christian background. Above all of these, she introduced me to yoga.

I like to think my mum as a super hero really, she doesn’t walk around in spandex. Although she does rock out to Hendrix with a ladle regularly. When I was 8 she was on her own for a long time. She worked full time and kept the most loving and free spirited house hold. Mum powered through my teenage years,  along with accepting me every time I walked through the door with another piercing. She even drove me for my first tattoo! What a woman. 
Travelling through different countries, I could always tell who the mums were, they had a warmth to them. Do you get given these super powers once you have your first child? My mum’s food always tastes better than mine, when she makes me a brew it’s the best brew. Her hugs are actually magical. When I’m poorly, mum can make me a hot honey, and lemon drink, that seems to cure me (it doesn’t work when I do it). Finally, she supports and believes in anything I want to do. 

So whether it’s going to a yoga class, spa, pub or restaurant, spend time with your mum, she is a truly wonderful human being. If you can’t, spend time with your children, they may not always show it, but to us, you are our role model and an inspiration. 

Big shout out to all the glorious mums out there. I respect and admire all your hard work. 

All my love Grace xxx

Ps I love you too dad, your bed time stories were the best. 

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