Bmi or bull s**t

Yes I give you all permission to cringe, that is me doing a “check out my guns” pose.

Now let me explain. I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little here. As a yoga teacher I think it’s extremely important to be happy inside and out. Weighing scales can wreak havoc with your happy endorphins, as in obliterate them. I recently did a blog for online company In it I talk about weight being just a number, and reference mymantra bikini model, Yola. Have a look at the blog and you’ll see Yola looking super trim and toned, but weighing more than she did prior to any sort of training. 

Now I am no bikini model! I am however 5ft 9 and 10 stone 8, around 68 kg. You may look at the picture and think I’m over weight, you may think I look good (thanks), you may wonder why I didn’t get someone else to take the photograph so all my legs were in (me too). The truth is, I rock climb and do yoga, a lot. I also eat a lot, generally very healthy. So should I cut down my portion size, so I can lower the numbers on the weighing scales? Should I stop drinking beer to get to 10 stone? I don’t think I will. I don’t think I’ll let some numbers rule my life. 

However if you don’t feel happy when you look in the mirror (not weighing scales). Vinyasa yoga is an excellent way to tone your body and lose any unwanted fat. It gets your heart rate up, whilst flowing from one posture to another at a quick pace. If you’re interested in having a private class or a group smaller than 5 please don’t hesitate to get in touch – 07908628455

I never liked numbers anyway, far too complicated. 

Grace xxx

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